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“Avellino’s score is both contemporary and catchy, capturing the mood of the piece without resorting to stereotypical lyric patterns or musical phrasing....The cast bursts into life with Avellino’s songs....“

“This is a deep and thoughtful look at teenage mental health....This surprisingly upbeat show is an empathetic look at what being trapped in your own mind can feel like. It provides food for thought, a terrifying glimpse into another world – and most of all, a hopeful message.”

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“This was one of the most complete shows by a young cast I have ever seen. High pace, high energy and high emotion.

“...The quality of new writing shines through a young American cast....It’s a difficult subject that is handled well and the quality of the songs was a bonus.

A bold piece showcasing promising young talent tackling an important issue with its heart in the right place."

“The singing in the show is really impressive, I don’t think that I’ve actually heard so many clearly brilliant singers in a production at this level before.”


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